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Sutherland Hill Farms is proud to offer some of the most unique concepts for

Mini Sessions. A few of our most popular themes that have been part of our brand for the last few years are our Retro Beauty Shop and Greaser and Pinup Minis as well as our Mermaid and Pirate Minis.  Harry Potter Minis, Let Them Eat Cake Minis, Beautiful Ballerina Minis, plus many more!

New Mini themes are added every year so this page will change constantly.  Be sure to keep checking back on a regular basis.  Mini sessions are usually geared toward children but I do also offer a few family based mini sessions throughout the year!

2023 Mini Session Schedule

January 21 -- Beauty Shoppe 

February 4 -- Pixie Princess (kids only)

March 25 -- Spring Family

March 27 -- Easter in the studio (kids only) 

April 15 -- Once Upon a Dream (kids only)


April 22 -- Mama and Mini(s)

May 6 -- La Petit Paris (kids only)


June 3 -- Mermaid Princess (kids only)

June 18 - 25 -- Beach

July 29 -- Mud Pies

September 9 -- Vintage Circus (The Greatest Showman)

September 23 -- Wishing Well (kids only)

October 7 -- H. Potter's Apothecary

October 28 -- Cozy Camping Christmas

October 29 -- Island of Misfit Toys (kids only)

November 4 -- White Christmas in the Greenhouse

November 5 -- Happy PAW-lidays!

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